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Many people that I help are worried about becoming ill or going through a traumatic injury that could devastate their financial legacy. Others are concerned about the worst case of dying before they've fulfilled their financial plans. And, some are sick and tired of the bulk of their retirement being passed to the IRS.

Your Optimized Wealth Strategy is as Easy as 1, 2, 3!

Step 1


Learn more about the impact of ineffective plans and strategies as well as the available alternatives.

Step 2


Take a deep dive look into what your situation is, will be, and the specific options you have to create and protect your financial legacy.

Step 3


From your customized recommendations, you'll be able to choose the specific plan the protects and grows your wealth to accomplish all of life's plans.

About Hannah

Peaks and Valleys are Great for Adventure NOT Your Financial Legacy.

Making sure your business & family don't get blind sided.

I started HLJ Growth for busy people just like you who are overwhelmed with all the information out there when it comes to insurance and financial planning. I nerd out on the details of what your coverage actual means and what it doesn't.

Our Services

Helping you create your financial legacy and protecting it from unforeseen tragedy.


Living Benefits

Grant “early access” to the policy’s death benefit while the individual is still alive if they are to suffer any of the triggering conditions.


Tax Free Retirement

Contributions are made with after-tax dollars. allowing tax-free withdrawals during & prior to retirement, including the growth.


Life Insurance

Life insurance helps you provide long-term financial security for your family and business when they need it most.

What are Living Benefits?

Why Bother?

Enjoy peace of mind knowing there are options and a big pile of cash to take care of your family and bills if you end up becoming sick with a critical, chronic, or terminal illness.

Have confidence in knowing there is money for when you are ready to retire even if the stock market and your 401k crash again.

Sleep well knowing your home life and business life are insured with products to protect you from unplanned events.


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